3 days without klonopin and I can not sleep, what I should do ?

3 days passed since the last pills of Klonopin, I was on the 2 mg dosage per day, sometimes even 3mg, 1 tablet of 2mg and half other half of one. Sometimes even two klonopins . So, I thought it was time for a change, last time I went to my doctor I told to him that I was not indeed of clonazepam, so he gave me no prescription.

Yes, was a really bad decision, it passed an entire month since the last time I bought my clonazepam. So Here I am , in front of my mac without nothing to do more than write about how it stink be out of my anxiety medicine, I am not available to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours per night.

Worst part is that I am spending to much time on bed, with one klonopin 2mg I was available to be there for 8 hours and done, just a red bull next morning and I was 100% ready for work. Now, I pass all the day wishing for the night to came, and when it does, I simple cannot sleep more than a couple of hours.

So now, I spend a lot of time searching on the net for klonopin withdraw and possible solutions to treat my insomnia and anxiety, basically, an alternative to clonazepam.

An alternative that my doctor told me, was to use Ambien, but that was not a great idea. It sent me really fast to sleep, but impossible to keep me asleep, so was a loss of time and money. Now, I am thinking on trying the alternative route, Gaba and Valerian were good on the past, but It can pass a couple of days till amazon delivery it to my home.

I will be going to my doctor next week, so I will get a new prescription for Klonopin or any clonazepam generic just in case, the natural way do not work, and have it close to my bed. If I take the klonopin on empty stomach it take around 20 minutes to get the effect from it.

In the past, I used alcohol to fall into the bed, but that was a really good idea, much worse than the sleeping pills you can get it online.

I am also going to a walk with my dog before bed, just a long one for 50 minutes that help me a lot to relax. I read that on a site about insomnia, they also have a forum with tons of people that are suffering from the same thing. Also, on this blog you can get more information about me and contact me, if you have any tip I will appreciate it.

So, here I am , 4 am, awake writing on this free blog about my insomnia, instead of going to bed, kinda ironic if you think about it.

I just wish I had my klonopin with me, but I guess I will simple keep typing till the dream kill my insomnia J .